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Community Hikes

Community hikes are an offering to the community to keep you happy, healthy and outdoors. 


Nature is beneficial to our mental and physical health and provides a natural high that cannot be found within our city walls. ​We encourage everyone to join us from beginners to advanced!​ 


Hikes are recorded and limited to 15 people per group or contingent to Public Health Orders. There will be a three-point check in system and safety wristband.


Facial Coverings

Hand Sanitizer

Temperature Check





We'll happily provide anyone showing up with an unsecure facial mask with a new mask. 

All registrants must provide their full contact information at the time of no touch check-in. 


Q. How long are the hikes? 

A. Hike times vary on distance and elevation of our destination. We may send out an invite to an easy 2-mile out and back to an outlook, moderate 4-mile loop along a shaded creek, or a challenging13-mile loop that stops at a waterfall.

Q. How do you gauge your hikes?

A. 1- Easy, 2- moderate, 3- challenging, 4- difficult, 5- find another group. 

Our hikes are usually easy to moderate

Q. Can I bring my family? 

A. Yes, as long as you can keep up. Strollers, kid backpacks are cool!

Q. How fast do you hike? Slow/Normal/Fast/Run

A. We hike at a normal pace, not too slow, and not too fast. Check out our seniors hike for health program if you think you may need a slower group. 

Q. How long is lunch?

A. About a half an hour - no more. 

Q. Do I have to bring lunch?

A. No, but a snack is advised and highly recommended.

Q. Can I go ahead of the group leader?

A. No, due to safety reasons we do not allow people to go ahead of our group leader. They are trained to look for hazards. If you go ahead you must hike alone and not return back to the group for safety reasons. 

Q. Can I leave the group once the hike has begun?

A. No, once you have been checked in and given a safety wristband you may not leave without being rechecked in. If the hike has begun we have no way of rechecking you in and you must hike on your own for safety reasons.

Q. What if my friend or family member shows up while we are taking off?

A. Your only option at this point is to break away from the group or disc your tardy friend or family member.

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