How to Create a GivingTuesday Fundraiser

Follow our screenshots below for step-by-step instructions on how to setup an individual #GivingTuesday fundraiser on Facebook.

From your desktop, login to Facebook and go to Saved By Nature Facebook page. On the left side of the page under Create a Fundraiser, select the button to “Raise Money” located at the bottom.


Setup your fundraiser in the left menu bar by providing a fundraiser title (Saved By Nature’s GivingTuesday Fundraiser), uploading a cover photo image, filling in description of your fundraiser’s purpose, setting end date if applicable and goal amount to raise. 


Example description: This Giving Tuesday, I’m launching a fundraiser for Saved By Nature, a nonprofit whose mission is to expose, teach, and enlighten people of all backgrounds and abilities through environmental education and working collaboratively with partners to ensure mental, physical, and spiritual healing in nature. Donate and share this post to help me reach my  [Example: $1,000] fundraising goal by the end of the day!

Tip: Photos of your hero, the Saved By Nature mission or those that evoke feelings of patriotism work best to capture attention.


Below are some #GivingTuesday cover images that you can share or click here for more from Canva. 


Once your fundraiser page is set up, you can then invite friends and share it on your page. Your friends in turn can also invite others to the fundraiser and share the page. Encourage your supporters to include their email when they donate so Saved By Nature can personally thank them. They will however be acknowledged with receipt from Facebook! At any time, you can go in to monitor progress, post updates, and comment notes of thanks to those who have donated. Tip: Use the fundraiser page to share with your friends and family to maximize your donation impact.