Email Announcement Template for Crowdfunders

Subject Line: Please support my Giving Tuesday fundraiser for Saved By Nature

Hi there Family and Friends,

This year on Giving Tuesday, I’m raising money for Saved By Nature a nonprofit organization dedicated to exposing, teaching, and enlightening people of all backgrounds and abilities through environmental education and working collaboratively with partners to ensure mental, physical, and spiritual healing in nature.

I’m supporting Saved By Nature on November 30th because I want to help ensure nature for everyone.

Please consider supporting my crowdfunding campaign which ends December 2nd by clicking on this link to my fundraising page. [Link to your Organizations crowdfunding page here].

Every amount helps! If you’re unable to donate at this time, I’d appreciate it if you’d share my page on social media or forward this email to people in your network.

Thank you so much!


[Example: Benito]