Outdoor Homeschooling

What better place for your kid(s) to learn and build an affinity for nature than Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve!! It sits on the border of South San Jose and Morgan Hill nestled between the Santa Cruz Mountain foothills and the Diablo Range. Home to burrowing owls, California badgers, endangered tiger salamanders and mammals such as coyote and grey fox everything we need is right here! An outdoor science laboratory, learning through hands on experiments, observation, and art! What more can a kid ask for, right?


We have 6 year's experience leading homeschool groups associated with Ocean Grove Charter School. Our homeschool classes run during the normal school year with holidays, and summer off. For ages 8-12 but please inquire about special circumstances such as younger or older siblings. 

Students' first day of school:  August 22, 2020
Students' last day: June 11, 2021


Programs run from 10:30am-12:00pm every first and last Tuesday of the month. The cost is $15 per student.


While we deliver themed lesson plans to the kids you are encouraged to walk on the beautiful Arrowhead Trail to look for raptors, woodpeckers, wild turkeys, deer and so much more! Walking in nature is a fantastic way to stay healthy mentally and physically. Parking is free and bring a lunch so you can hang out at the wooden picnic benches under a 300-year-old Valley Oak to enjoy lunch. 

Right now, we're creating a list for parents that are interested in having their kids participate in the homeschool group, signup below and we'll email you once programming has resumed. 

EIN 83-2405377

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Office: Campbell, California, USA

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