Every day we are witnessing the senseless deaths of innocent black people and the mourning that accompanies it. The mothers, the sisters, the fathers, and brothers of black people wonder who is next, while at the same time hoping that the next time will never come - but again it has. 

Saved By Nature (SBN) is deeply saddened by a system that is broken. We feel that everyone should feel safe, protected, and respected by law enforcement, and have access to basic rights such as exercise outdoors without harm or violence being brought upon them. When our Black men and women die at the hands of those who perpetuate and reinforce forms of institutionalized racism, that validates the violence first, and explain later, we are fighting against our own justice system. Why are the rights of Black Americans being violated? In their own communities, even on camera, being violated every day, we cannot stand by and be silent. 

On Monday, May 25th, yet again ANOTHER Black American was murdered at the hands of armed police officers, who insisted on using excessive and unnecessary force. This is not the first time a man pleaded with those in authority to “please just let me breathe,” before being forced to die on the street while bystanders watched and recorded.  

We, the founders, and board members of SBN, will not just sit and watch silently, but will continue to fight for equity, justice and the lives of all Black people and people of all colors. We will continue to forge pathways to a safer community, who welcome ALL seeking the path of healing through nature for all our brothers and sisters in this time of need.  

We cannot tolerate those in authority, in uniform, here to protect us, to continue to commit genocide on our streets in the name of self-defense and call it justice! We will no longer wait for more tragedies to terrorize the Black community, to threaten and take our lives, our children, fathers, sisters, mothers, brothers, and friends because they feel threatened by the color of our skin. We want our voices heard and we stand by our community. #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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