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Allowing Nature to Save Us

Updated: Feb 6

Maybe you are one of those people who took the threat of a global pandemic seriously, right from the start. You had your gloves, mask, and hand sanitizer in tow long before anyone else seemed to be concerned. Maybe it was the zombie movies, or sci-fi television shows about attacks from outer space that helped prepare you. You were in your element, ready for anything. But unlike the movies, this pandemic has taken more than a year longer than your two-hour screen adventures. And maybe it got too close to home, and people you love have passed. Maybe you are tired of being ready, careful, and isolated.

In moments like this, let nature save you. Choose a family member or friend, then go out into nature, together, where there aren’t a lot of people. Consider your local park, a trip to an open beach, or even the peacefulness of your own backyard. Sit in the sun, six feet apart, then allow the sound of birds and faraway planes to lull you into a tranquil, serene state.

This week, I sat on my front steps for the first time in years. Sitting there is less scary than going to a grocery store, or being around large groups of people. This simple act of sitting, never seemed so valuable when I could come and go as I pleased. Yet while I was there, sitting, I discovered hummingbirds zooming back and forth from a feeder, while other small birds, of which I cannot name, chattered happily over the bird seed I had left for them. While sitting, I noticed my neighbors, who seem so far away from where I am, walking by and waving, as their dogs check their smell phones. As I was sitting, with the warmth of the sun on my face, those feelings of frustration and fear ebbed slowly away. In allowing for those few minutes of sitting, I had given nature permission to save my peace of mind.

Saved By Nature Vice President, Teri Rogoway

Anna's Hummingbird

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