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Sacred Recovery Coach | Curanderx | Ceremonial Facilitator 

Madaly Alcala, the Sober Healer,  is collaborating with Saved By Nature as a workshop facilitator. She is an addiction recovery coach, curanderx (medicine person), and ceremonial facilitator. Madaly’s ancestors and family are from Mexico. In her decolonization journey, she has reclaimed her ancestral wisdom as she reconnects with her Chichmec and Purehpecha indigeneity. Madaly’s mission is to be in service to Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) by helping people heal intergenerational wounds while reclaiming their ancestral medicine. She weaves the values of integrity, humility, social justice, compassion, and reverence in all of her services. Madaly heart-centered approach helps people learn to navigate this challenging world while on a path to self love, discovery, and healing.



In this workshop you will learn:

  • What Mindfulness is

  • The positive benefits Mindfulness can have on your mind, body, and health

  • Easy (and fun!) mindfulness activities

  • How to be Mindful and present in your life without judgment



In this workshop you will:

  • What meditation is

  • Learn a brief history and benefits of meditation for your mind, body, and well-being

  • Explore simple (and fun!) meditation practices

  • Feel inspired to incorporate mediation in your life

Certifications + Qualifications: 

  • UC Berkeley - Bachelors of Science in Society & Environment, emphasis in Sustainability & Social Justice

  • Being True to You - Recovery Coaching + Psychedelic Integration Coaching

  • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Mindful Life Project - Mindfulness + Trauma-Informed Instructor

  • RRG - Mastery of Ceremonial Facilitation

  • LIFE - Madaly’s own lived experience that have provided golden wisdom from challenging struggles (ie systems impacted, first generation college student, addiction + recovery, mental health, etc)



In this workshop you will:

  • Learn a brief history and benefits of reiki and energy work for your mind, body, and well-being

  • Receive group reiki energy healing

  • Explore simple (and fun!) self reiki practices

  • Feel inspired to weave more positivity and care into your life



Healing Hikes

In this workshop you will:


Cocao Ceremony

We will tune into the frequency of gratitude, compassion, resilience, love, and acceptance. The medicines will help us tune into the heart for more expansion & let go of any spiritual/emotional/mental/physical debris that is no longer serving you.

I intuitively weave into my healing work Mexican curanderismo, plant medicines, spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and our hearts!

Thank you for your trust!


One on One Services

I am a Xicanx Curanderx (Mexican Medicine Guardian) and Sacred Recovery Coach. I weave together a holistic and spiritual approach in my mentorships and healing practices.

I am honored to be a part of your journey of transformation. I'm looking forward to speaking with you! Email

With Gratitude, Grace, & Grit

The Sober Healer

Madaly Alcala

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