Seniors Hike for Health Program

Due to COVID we do not know when our seniors program will be up and running again 07/31/20.

We've partnered up with Steps for Change (a program for seniors that encourages healthy living) to provide seniors with high-quality nature walks. You don't have to be from the Steps for Change program to participate.

SBN's initial goal is 12 walks in 12 months. We do this to encourage seniors to get outdoors and hike for their health. We introduce them to different parks throughout Santa Clara County interpreting various environmental themes along the way. We've learned that by going as a group, seniors feel safer, and are more likely to return on their own.


By promoting healthful behaviors, we're helping seniors do their best to remain active and healthy the rest of their lives.


We're meeting the 3rd Tuesday every month 10:00am - 12:00pm and encourage carpooling.


Our next adventure is Tuesday, January 21th 2020 and February the 18th. Fill out the form below to be notified of our new hike location if you have already filled out the form below we'll send you the next hike information automatically. Due to permitting requirements we are no longer advertising our senior hikes on our website or social media. 

Great news! We're in good hands as Allstate Insurance has sponsored our hikes until February 2020 so we'll now be providing healthy lunches! If you'd like to thank or require the services of our sponsor Allstate Agent his name is Prescillo Baltar 650-200-1730 3194 De La Cruz Blvd #7 Santa Clara, CA Insurance #0K64489.

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