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Alive Outside Adventure Series

Basic Outdoor Backpacking Skills for Youth

Providing at-promise-youth with an opportunity to participate in a high-quality camping program, increasing their confidence in the outdoors by developing new skills such as cooking, shelter building, and plant and animal identification. Exposing them to a safe place and the benefits and careers associated with nature as an alternative to drugs and/or gang violence.

  • 1 five-hour orientation hike at park or preserve

  • 1 five-hour preparation hike at park or preserve

  • 2-day/1-night backpacking or camping trip at park or preserve 

  • 2 guides with First Aid, CPR, Live Scan, and additional certifications

  • Leave No Trace Education with ethics card

  • Up to 24 youth and/or staff each trip

  • All permits, fees, supplies and equipment provided:

    • Food – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks

    • Cooking equipment i.e. pots, pans, stoves, propane, utensils

    • Backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and tent per youth 

  • Customizable event flyers & website registration available

  • Chartered transportation may be available

  • Sacred Recovery Coach may be available

  • Hike and backpack locations outside our local region may be available

"Its easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." -Frederick Douglass

Thank you to our 2024 grantor for making two Alive Outside Adventure Series' possible.

2024 Grantors.png
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