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Open Space & Climate Change

Cool bay breezes, beautiful open space and vibrant urban areas offer a variety of experiences, including outdoor-loving Santa Clara County, the epic scenery of Sierra Vista, the serene beauty of Coyote Valley, the biodiversity of Little Uvas Open Space Preserve, as well as the cultural and ecological treasures of Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park, Alviso Adobe, and Croy Redwoods. Exploring special locations like these are truly life changing experiences that grow a love of nature and our open spaces. Observe Tule elk, coyote, butterflies, creeks, wildflowers, burrowing owl, spawning salmon, and much more. Hikes will include an emphasis on self-discovery, inquiry, sensory experiences, and mindfulness practices.

Time: 9AM-2PM 

Date: 2nd Saturday of Every Month 

Length: 3.0 – 5.5 miles

Hike Level: Easy to Moderate

What to Bring:

  • Layers + comfortable clothing (check the weather)

  • Water Bottle

  • Hat and/or sunscreen

  • Lunch provided on all trips

  • Snacks

  • An open mind and heart! (:

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2024 Open Space & Climate Change Hikes

January 13th - North Coyote Valley Conservation Area - Laguna Seca & Spreckles Hill

February 10th - Rancho Canada del Oro Open Space Preserve - Hidden Lake - Morgan Hill

March 9th - Rancho San Vicente County Park - Calero County Park - San Jose

April 13th - Máyyan 'OoyákmaCoyote Ridge Open Space Preserve - San Jose

May 4th - Little Uvas Open Space Preserve - Morgan Hill

June 8th - Croy Redwoods Open Space Preserve - Morgan Hill

July 13th - Chitactac-Adams Heritage County Park - Gilroy


August 10th - Ulistac Natural Area - Santa Clara

September 14th - Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, San Jose

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This project was funded in part by the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority - Urban Grant Program. This competitive grant program, funded by Measure Q and Measure T, addresses the needs of urban communities, including areas that currently have limited access to preserves and parks. The grant program aims to fund projects that will improve the quality of life for urban residents.

2025 Open Space & Climate Change Hikes

January 11th - Tilton Ranch - Morgan Hill

February 8th - Palassou Ridge - Gilroy

March 8th - Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve - San Jose

April 12th - Tulare Hill - Coyote 

May 10th - Diablo Foothills - Gilroy

June 14th - Alum Rock Park - San Jose

July 12th -  Alviso Adobe - Alviso

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