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Marc Victor

Salesforce Administration & Consultant

Originally from Berkeley, California. Marc earned a bachelor's degree in Mass Communication with a focus on journalism and public relations from Cal State University, East Bay (CSUEB). After a short internship in San Francisco, Marc moved to San Jose, California. Marc’s first full time role after graduating CSUEB was with a statistical software company. In 2006, Marc picked up his initial experience and fell in love with the marketing automation, data visualization and workflow processes. Since then, Marc has worked on a variety of Salesforce projects in various industries.  Marc worked on his first Salesforce Certification in 2014, and  currently has the Salesforce Administrator, App Builder and Sales Cloud Consultant certifications.  Marc enjoys hiking the great outdoors with his wife, who is from the Philippines. #Trailblazer #Trailblazers


Roger Castillo


Steelhead Salmon Restoration Group

Roger Castillo is a citizen naturalist who grew up in the San Jose area and has walked along portions of local rivers and creeks for the past 30 years. As a "river guardian", he observes and records the changes in the Guadalupe and other local river systems that flow to the San Francisco Bay estuaries. Director Castillo discovered the remains of "Lupe" – a young Columbian Mammoth that lived approximately 60,000 years ago – while he and his dog Jenna were on a nature walk along the Guadalupe River. He works passionately on environmental and wildlife issues in the San Jose region, and founded the Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Group, a local organization committed to "Restoration through Education". Director Castillo was appointed by the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors to the GCRCD Board of Directors in 1999. His most recent term expired in November 2018, but he has remained active in District activities as a Director Emeritus.

A Mammoth Find
In 2005, Saved By Nature Board Treasurer and citizen scientist Roger Castillo and his dog Jenna found a bone from a Columbian mammoth while walking along the Guadalupe River.


Children's Discovery Museum Exhibit

Lupe the Mammoth Comes to Life: Science on the SPOT (YouTube)

Sculpture Arrives in San Jose (San Jose Mercury News)


Robert Avila


Restore and Hope

Chief Executive Officer and Certified Financial Advisor

Robert Avila began his career in real estate, helping low-income communities of color refinance or purchase their homes. Through time Robert realized that historical injustices including home inheritance, financial savings and credit scores were plaguing most families that come from ethnically diverse backgrounds. Wanting to make a difference in his community Robert decided to study credit repair as a protégé. He would eventually start his own company with a goal of helping low-income communities of color raise their credit score through financial planning and literacy. Robert says, “I want to help people raise their credit scores so they could get a better interest rate, lower payment, and have a better chance at affording and keeping their home long term.”


It has been a successful journey of giving back as Robert had to also work his way from financial turmoil, he now owns multiple investment properties. His customer-first focus and passion for helping people to improve their existing financial standing and credit score. Robert is a respected professional who oversees Restore and Hope, an established credit restoration agency with years of experience working in the industry that has an office in Campbell. California. You can fully trust he’ll get you back on track. Many can vouch through the years including military veterans, dentists, teachers, and many others from all walks of life.

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We're looking for several passionate leaders to uplift Saved By Nature! Join a team that works to provide nature opportunity for black, indigenous, & people of color (BIPOC). 

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