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Homeschool Outdoors!

Purchase Order Process


Please request a PO from your Ocean Grove ES in the amount your have registered for. 

Please relay the following information to your Ocean Grove instructor (ES - Education Specialist). 

•            Vendor: Saved By Nature

•            Name of approved instructor: Richard Tejeda (will be teaching the classes)

•            Cost of the class(es) or semester(s)

•            How many class(es) or semester(s) you have registered for

•            You can confirm that Saved By Nature will not be teaching classes that include being interactive with large bodies of water and/or swimming are not approved. (fishing, swimming, marine life that includes being interactive with the ocean, etc)

Your ES will then log into their intranet system and request a Purchase Order be sent to Saved By Nature.

Friendly reminder: It is your responsibility as the parent to have your POs in before we begin any classes that the school will be paying for. But, don't let that stop you from attending. We can always straighten out payment later with OG. 

Email us with any questions or to let us know you plan to attend.

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