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Shelton Johnson Awards

Saved By Nature's Shelton Johnson Awards

Shelton Johnson has been a park ranger with Yosemite National Park for over 20 years. He's truly a living legend, he grew up in Detroit but perhaps family visits to nature influenced him to be the person he is today.

This award will be given to a leader that is engaged in removing barriers to the outdoors; educating and making the natural world accessible for underserved groups and communities.

"And I can't not think of the other kids, just like me – in Detroit, Oakland, Watts, Anacostia – today. How do I get them here? How do I let them know about the buffalo soldier history, to let them know that we, too, have a place here?" - Shelton Johnson

We're not your ordinary environmental group. Shelton says about Saved By Nature, "I consider it a unique recognition of the work (connecting communities of color to national parks) that I have done over the years."

Thank you, Shelton, for seeing us and the important work we are doing and for your outstanding contributions to environmental justice.

Read more about Shelton here:

Saved By Nature's 2020 Shelton Johnson Award Recipient Aniko Millan

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